About Us

SCP Office Interiors, Inc., specializes in the sale of new, used, and remanufactured office furniture. Our modular office furniture and panel systems are not only high quality and low cost, they also facilitate the frequent movement and reconfiguration of offices as changes in business operations require, giving you the greatest convenience at a dramatically lower cost.

Company History

Steven C. Proehl founded SCP in 1987. He began with a handful of optimistic employees in a very small facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 1988, the demand for reasonably-priced office furniture dictated that the operation expand, and SCP consolidated its five operation locations into one newly constructed facility that was ideally suited to the process of preparing office systems for its client base. By 1989, SCP had expanded its new home to include over 53,000 square feet of space devoted to business operations, product sales, office design, product re-manufacturing, and installation services. Today we provide the same incredible office furniture and related services from our new Livonia location.

SCP Furniture home office, office building

SCP Office Interiors designs custom office solutions, tailoring specifications for materials, assembly and installation to each client. SCP will prepare a bid or quote, work with you to create a purchase order, and base our production order on your desired time frame and our supply sourcing. Materials can be pulled from current inventory or specially ordered for each client. Through a tremendous cooperative effort within our facility, materials are assembled and staged for final easy installation at the customer’s site.

Your order will be the top priority of each and every member of the SCP Office Interiors team from project bid through product installation. At SCP, we stand behind our products, our employees and our manufacturers, giving you ultimate peace of mind.